Did you know...

QwikFile has been around since 2002 ?

iReport (iReportPRO) was the 1st Active NFIRS 5 powered by FMP ?

Are you a FileMaker Developer ?

Need NFIRS 5 Calculations & Scripts for FMP ?


(Ask QF)

ALL QwikFile® software versions including; Client, Server, Web Server and Web Publishing are not currently available. However, they've been developed for the Claris Platform (Formerly FileMaker)

If you're interested in purchasing the iReport PRO 5 NFIRS 5 scripts for Claris or interested in purchasing all Intel Property for QwikFile including Claris/FM scripts and web domain, please inquire using the contact form provided. 

FACTS about QwikFile® iReport PRO 5:
  • 1st validated NFIRS 5 software available exclusively for Claris/FMP
  • Developed for the cross-platform compatibility of Claris
  • iReport is one of the most intuitive of all NFIRS 5 software platforms anywhere! 
  • Early versions of iReport were first developed for FileMaker in 1996 by Steve Roethel, a Career Fire Officer/EMT
  • iReport was officially registered with USFA-FEMA in 2002
  • iReport PRO 5 was used exclusively for over 20 years by one of New York State's busiest accredited fire districts
  • iReport PRO 5 successfully exported hundreds of thousands of validated NFIRS 5 data
  • iReport PRO 5 was never released or marketed due to unfortunate circumstances